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If you manage a group of Volunteers, you know how difficult it can be to track them - their recruitment, their certification (e.g. DBS checks) and signing them up for events. On top of this you have to field all the questions about paperwork, training dates and so on. It can be a lot of work for one person.

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The My Volunteer website automates these tasks, it allows you to delegate specific tasks such as updating training records to one or more assistants and allows your Volunteers to track everything and contact you less.

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You get to work more efficiently and have more free time.

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Key benefits as a Volunteer Manager:-

First Aid & CPR for small and large pets

First Aid for Pet owners

Level 1 Food Safety

Food Hygiene Level 1

Legislation, Bacteriology, Contamination & Storage

Food Hygiene & Safety Level 2

Print your discounted tickets at home
Save queueing when you get there

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